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The most satisfying loop with an amazing aristocratic plot twist.

Very entertaining. Well done ! Love the supsens. But the green guy, what did he do?

Me and my mind. Constantly but not at the same pace.

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Not bad, nice little game. Although it looks nearly exactly the same as ink but instak of inking when dying, you ink when you move.
Also why having the arrow keys to move and space for jump? Why not put all movement controls on in the same place to not use two hands?
Keep it up ?

Not bad, I wish I could finish it but after falling so many times to find the good jump I'm leaving it.
It's a typical game design mistake to not add grace period after edges, if you add some the gameplay would definitely benefit from it and be more better :)
Without it, it's a nightmare.
Nice little game, keep it up !

mmattugh responds:

Thanks for trying it out.

I completely agree with the grace period after edges.
I'm still on the fence about it though, since it's been published I'm thinking of just accepting it for what it is and taking all the feedback for future knowledge on the next project.

Really nice game!
Didn't know I coud throw things until I reached the end of level 1 in one streak.
For some reason I liked it. Also top arrow and down arrow makes your screen go up and down unfortunately and the controls were not intuitive. Maybe place them better, like top arrow and down arrow makes you move up and down instead of the left and right one.
Anyway good game!

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Yeah great one! :)

Really...atmospheric !

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warm colors :)

Actually this is more pretty than me trying to overcome this battle.... lol
It is beautiful :) well done.

Laxianne responds:

Thank you very much ! //_^)

It is a great piece and the brush effects adds to its "cachet"
Well done :)

I'm a self taught artist. I never could do anything else than that. This is the story of my life. Oh and thank you newgrounds to have such an amazing community. Love it.

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